Setting new years resolutions is a great way to start fresh and set goals, but when you’re newly retired or planning to retire in 2022, you may be unsure of what resolutions align with your next chapter of life. In this blog, we’re sharing some specific retirement new years resolutions to help you prepare and plan for the future.

Reassess your finances 

Getting finances in order is one of the most popular New Years’ resolutions year after year, but when you’re newly retired, you may have to look at your finances in a way you never have before. For many people, creating a budget is one of the top retirement new years resolutions. Within your budget, you can consider the cost of living expenses, spending money, and savings that you can use in case of emergency. Whatever your financial standing may be, gaining a clear picture of your financial state is always a smart way to start the new year.

Revisit your hobbies and passions

Another retirement new years resolution to have on your list is revisiting your hobbies and passions. After spending decades building a life, working, and raising children, adjusting to retirement can seem a little lonely at first. To fill this newfound free time, try to revisit hobbies and passions that you used to participate in before life became too hectic. Painting, reading, and sewing are creative ways to spend your time sharpening your cognitive abilities. For sports and activities like tennis and swimming, many of our featured communities feature courts and pools so you can jump back into the hobbies that you’ve always loved but might not have had time for.  

Learn new activities

Retirement isn’t just about revisiting old hobbies; it’s also a great time to learn new skills. Whether it’s a new sport like pickleball or different projects or recreational activities at the clubhouse, the Martin Freeman Group is here to help you identify communities that will allow you to make the most out of your retirement new year’s resolutions. 

Focus on friendships 

Unfortunately, with so many family and work obligations, friendships can sometimes fall down the priority list. Retirement is a perfect way to make up for lost time and reconnect with old friends or make new friends. If you have recently moved from out of state and are worried about the process of meeting new people, you can relax knowing that our featured communities are known for being friendly and welcoming. 

Make healthy habits

Another popular resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle, but you’ll find that this goal may be easier to achieve in retirement. Without work taking up most of your day, there is plenty of time to enjoy a walk on the trails in Cane Bay, a bike ride on one of the greenways in Carnes Crossroads, or a visit to one of the many fitness centers in our featured communities. If you’ve moved from the north, you will also find that time spent outside is far more enjoyable in the Lowcountry, making it even more enjoyable to get your daily steps in.

Find the perfect home for the next chapter in your life

If you’re looking forward to retiring in 2022, it’s time to make sure your house fits this exciting time of your life. Taking time to find a vibrant community will help fill your days and even improve your quality of life. In addition, considering logistics like one-story floor plans, low-maintenance living, and other features can make for a fun and fulfilling retirement. If you’re ready to meet your retirement new years resolutions, contact the Martin Freeman Group and give yourself something to look forward to in 2022!

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