Whatever it takes may change every time,
but our willingness to do so doesn’t.

When success is measured only by the depth of customer satisfaction, everything changes. The Martin Freeman Group, although not among the region’s largest real estate teams, is unquestionably among the best.

The Martin Freeman Group directly reflects the personalities and passion of the two dynamic women who created the region’s most people-focused real estate team. Their infectious personalities and their ability to quickly ascertain the dreams and goals of their clients coupled with their unbridled professionalism and relentless attention to detail helps explain the remarkable results The Martin Freeman Group achieves daily.

Lindsey, Britt, and their team relish the opportunity to assist their clients in their quest to find the perfect home…the place where lasting memories will be made and cherished. They also equally enjoy helping clients facilitate the real estate sale that will enable them to better continue their journey.

The Martin Freeman Group enjoys the challenges they are faced with every day. They respect the efforts it takes to exceed the expectations of their clients. To them, the road to success has no shortcuts and no fast lane. They knew from day one that to be exceptional real estate professionals would take large doses of listening, research, negotiating acumen, and focus. And inner pride. Lots of inner pride.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to get to know more about us – a different kind of real estate team. You won’t be disappointed.

Meet the Team