One of Sperling’s Best Places to live, Summerville is a lovely city, nestled in the geographical diversity of South Carolina. This rapidly growing suburb is a short drive from the pristine white sand beaches of the Atlantic Coast. You will also find stunning mountains just a day trip away. Summerville’s natural beauty is what draws many to the area. However, it’s also a short drive from historic Charleston and Myrtle Beach, and a couple of hours from Savannah, GA.  The proximity to beautiful beaches, mountains, and other historic cities will win you over. If you’re still not convinced about buying real estate in Summerville, SC, here’s more reasons to consider.

The Future Job Market Is Bright

Summerville has grown by 62% since 2000 and is quickly becoming more of a city. It is located near Charleston, a city driven by tourism. With an unemployment rate of 3.1%, lower than the national 3.9%, Summerville is a great place for someone in the job market. Job market increase was 0.7% for the past year, with future job growth for the next 10 years predicted to be 34.9%, higher than the national average of 33.5%.

Summerville is a Great Place to Retire 

Retirees will find retirement in Summerville, SC relaxing, historically-rich, and interesting in its own right. It also provides the opportunity for day trips to interesting places. Summerville features a restored downtown, with many unique shops and restaurants. In addition, The Flower Town in the Pines – or Flower Town for short – attracted the wealthy in the 1800’s. During this period, they built stately plantations, many of which can still be toured today.

Summerville is a Gardener’s Paradise

Further away from the oppressive heat that can be characteristic of coastal areas, Summerville offers a temperate climate, with cooler summers and winters and an average 205 days of sunshine a year. This makes for excellent gardening and, sometimes, an opportunity to spread good will with some amazing entrepreneurial spirit.

Award-Winning Sweet Tea Abounds

You will drink the best sweet tea you’ve ever had in Summerville, SC. Known as the Birthplace of Sweet Tea, the city’s culture is permeated with this Southern elixir in surprising ways. You can take a walking tour on the Sweet Tea Trail and see “Mason”- the World’s Largest Sweet Tea, standing 15 feet tall with a capacity of 2,524 gallons.

Why Buy Real Estate in Summerville, SC?

There has been a tremendous increase in new homes for sale in Summerville, SC over the past 10 years, with demand growing and supply of resale homes dwindling. Master-planned communities and new home developments, such as Carnes Crossroads and Nexton, meet the needs of those wishing to live near modern amenities and excellent schools.

The best realtors in Summerville, SC are here for you as you search for your perfect home in one of the fastest growing communities in the nation.

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