When the family home becomes a bit too much to handle, many homeowners are left wondering whether to downsize or to consider an active adult community. To help you reach your decision, we’re exploring some of the top advantages of living in a 55-plus community.

What is a 55-Plus Community?

A 55-plus community, also referred to as an active-adult community, is a neighborhood designed with the needs of those 55 and older in mind. While there are a wide variety of these communities to choose from, the Martin Freeman Group takes pride in specializing in some of the best 55-plus communities the Lowcountry has to offer.

Take Cane Bay, for example. This area is full of neighborhoods that boast a convenient location, technologically advanced connectivity, healthcare offerings, churches on-site, and miles of walking trails that wind through the community. Cane Bay is just one of the locations perfect for active adults, but the perks of this neighborhood are not even close to all of the advantages of living in a 55-plus community.

Advantages of Living in a 55+ Community

Convenient Location

Our featured communities are peaceful without losing the benefit of convenience. Coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants are readily available, but our neighborhoods are also proximate to downtown Charleston, beaches, and all of the other activities the Lowcountry has to offer.

Activities and Amenities

55-plus communities are full of new retirees with newfound time on their hands, so it’s common for the neighborhood to offer a wide variety of activities and amenities to help you enjoy your time while staying active. Pickleball courts, walking and cycling trails, and swimming pools are just some of the added perks of moving into an active-adult neighborhood.

Minimal Maintenance

Though you may have more time on your hands, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintenance, especially in the long, hot, Lowcountry summers. Enjoy what your area has to offer without spending time on tedious maintenance activities. The grounds of the 55-plus community will also be kept in top-notch condition so that you can enjoy the beauty of your community 365 days a year.

Quiet Neighborhood

In 55-plus communities, you are surrounded by neighbors in a similar stage of life as you, which makes for a quiet, harmonious neighborhood. While accessible to the lively, upbeat areas of the Lowcountry, the location of these communities is far enough removed so that your home can be your oasis.

Instant Community

Evening in these communities may be quiet, but the days are full of activities that make it easy to meet people and get to know your neighbors. Whether you’re downsizing from a home in the area or moving down south from a different region of the country, 55-plus communities bring people together and help create a tight-knit neighborhood.

Contact the Martin Freeman Group

When it comes to low-maintenance Lowcountry living, the Martin Freeman Group is here for you. We know that there are endless benefits in choosing low maintenance living, and we’re here to work with you to find your perfect fit. If you are looking for a home in the Lowcountry with low maintenance living in a 55-plus community or have any questions about what the area has to offer, reach out to the Martin Freeman Group today.

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