Retirement is an exciting new chapter of life. Not only do you gain a significant amount of free time, but you also have a chance to reassess your life, make plans for the future, and update your home features. For many people, retirement provides an opportunity to move to a new home and even a new city. In our past blogs, we’ve discussed the endless benefits of retiring in the Lowcountry, but in this blog, we wanted to focus our attention on the best home features to simplify your retirement. From prime floor plans to added conveniences, we’re detailing what to look for in your next home to make for an easy and comfortable retirement. 

One-Story Layouts

One-story layouts are key when choosing a home for this next phase of your life. Not only are one-story floor plans easy to get around, but they also make for easier upkeep. Even if you have no problem with your mobility now, choosing a one-story layout for your home can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll never run into trouble with stairs. Your home will also feel more welcoming to friends and family members who have walkers or wheelchairs. Many of our featured communities have your comfort and safety in mind, which is why there are various one-story floor plans to choose from. 

Bright Lighting

While an open floor plan can provide more natural light throughout your home, focusing on other lighting home features can simplify day-to-day tasks. In this next chapter of your life, your home should have bright, functional lighting with easy-to-operate light switches. It’s a fact of life that our eyesight dwindles with age, but having the right lighting in place can keep you seeing clearly for longer.

Guest Space

If you’ve moved to a new area of the country, you are more than likely to fill some of your newfound free time with hosting friends and family. A guest space makes for a more comfortable experience for both the host and the guest. Even when you don’t have visitors, you can use the space by turning it into something practical, like an office or studio. Having a guest room allows you to show off the charm of the Charleston area while providing some southern hospitality.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is another element that you may not consider right away, but it can save you a lot of potential trouble down the line. Accessibility is not limited to getting in and out of your house; you should also pay attention to the ability to maneuver a wheelchair in the bathrooms. Look for large showers, bathtubs, and home features that help make the bathroom slip-resistant. A shower seat is an added bonus, as it can make for a more comfortable experience even if you don’t need a wheelchair.

Open Floor Plan

Buyers of any age or demographic have long desired open floor plans, but they are one of the essential home features to look for when you’re retiring. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but open floor plans are also easier to navigate. Some other benefits of an open floor plan include more light, easier communication, and improved accessibility. An added bonus is that open spaces are far easier to entertain in, which will come in handy when you show off your new home and the home features.

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