Are you planning to sell your house? Simple additions can help boost your home value. Adding to your house is a smart move as a homeowner — your house will stand out from the rest and is likely to sell fast. However, as you navigate through upgrades and renovations, you must always keep your home’s market value in mind. A good rule of thumb is to always plan your renovations according to your house’s current value.

Upgrading a house does not have to break the bank. Common living spaces people usually renovate are the kitchen and bathrooms. You don’t need major renovations; sometimes, DIY home improvements are enough to give your house a unique touch.

Below are some proven ways to increase how much your home is worth.

Tackle The Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the smarter renovation decisions. While planning your renovation, keep in mind that minor renovations typically have more return on investments than major upgrades. Adding more storage space, re-doing the pantry shelving, or even adding countertops that are easy to clean will instantly boost your home value.

Buyers are looking for convenience and low-maintenance houses. So if you can renovate your kitchen in a way that makes everything more accessible and easy to clean, you can expect the buyer to pay for it.

Upgrade the Bathrooms

Bathroom upgrades don’t always mean tearing everything down and rebuilding. You can lift up the atmosphere of your existing bathroom with minor improvements. Add new, stylish fixtures and liven up the bathroom with a modern paint color.

If your floors are dated and don’t match the tone of your house, consider redoing your floors if your budget permits. But keep in mind that minor additions, like a strategically-placed towel rack or staggered shelving, will take you a long way.

Efficiency and Low-Maintenance

Buyers are currently after energy-efficient homes. Consider ways in which you can energy-conservation features to your home. You don’t have to add solar panels if you can’t afford it, but little changes such as LED-lighting, high-efficiency appliances, and double-paned windows will increase your home value.

Nowadays, people lack time, so the less they have to maintain a new home, the better. They will be more at ease knowing that you’ve recently replaced major components, such as water heaters and AC units. Hardwood floors are also a buyer-favorite so it would be wise to replace your carpet if you have room in the budget.

The key to increasing your home value is to first plan your renovations against your home value, so you are not losing money. Sometimes, a simple paint job may give your house a more expensive look. Taking care of your yard, adding some more plants or beautifying your patio may also help you achieve a higher home appraisal.

In the end, whether you are selling your newly-remodeled home or staying in it longer, a prettier and more efficient house will only boost your happiness and your home’s value.

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