What is better than a new home? Decorating it! If you are about to start a new home project, it is the perfect time to learn all about the new interior design trends and colors for spring. It can be hard to make those design decisions yourself, so this is a great way to hear feedback from those who do it for a living! 

At The Martin Freeman Group, we are here to help you find the perfect home. From there, we can help you find the resources to make it exactly what you want! With new trends and tips from interior designers, you’ll feel confident and prepared for design time. 

Interior Design Trends and Colors We Love For Spring 

An Artist’s Detailing 

People everywhere love the concept of an artist creating something personal for their space that showcases their specific talents. This is done in many ways through interior design trends, including handmade goods, plaster techniques, and rope elements. All of these are done in a way that leaves a type of signature from the artist. 

Unique Types of Lines

Gone are the days when every line in interior design had to be straight. Now, people prefer their spaces full of softly rounded lines and even raw edges throughout their space. This is seen in the obvious sense and in stairs, wallpaper, and even fabrics. This adds dimension and even an elevated sense of balance to a space. It remains stable while adding interest through a new use of the lines. 

Raw Materials

As we embrace the nature around us, it is also becoming a pivotal part of interior design. Designers everywhere are adding things like natural stone, burl wood, and petrified wood to their spaces. This isn’t even just for building! Lamps, art, and even furniture are getting this special treatment. 

Vintage Accessories  

There is nothing like a house that feels like a home, especially using interior design trends. One way people are creating this warm feeling is by adding vintage accessories. They play the part of turning your home into a modern space with classic details of the past. It prevents a modern space from becoming too sterile, adding some life that you may not have realized it needed. 

The Colors That Speak To Us

Alongside these interior design trends are colors that create interest. The PulteGroup, an in-house team of interior designers across brands nationwide, has created the list of these colors we had to share. 

Shades of Blue 

They describe these colors as rich, regal, and highly soothing. They aid in creating calming and serene environments. 

Black & White

Black and white are high contrast and classic. They are always a staple, even amongst other interior design trends changing. 

Hues of Green

These colors are deemed refreshing, vibrant, and even playful. They become a noticeable color in any space they are used in. 


Whatever vibrant color you are drawn to can be an excellent accent design for any space. This brightness up a spot in the room, immediately drawing one’s eye to it. 

Taupe Tones

These are used as neutral colors, including taupe, cream, and tan. Everyone loves a neutral moment. 

A new interior design trends look for your home is right around the corner! If any of these popular ideas stick out to you, it may be the perfect time for a change. If you have just started your home search, this gives you something great to look forward to. Are you interested in finding a new home in the Summerville area? The Martin Freeman Group team can help with your search. Check out our website or give us a call at (843) 619-7292 for more information. 

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