The Charleston area has so much to offer to both visitors and residents alike. From fascinating history to beautiful views and even some sweet tea, these Summerville sites are not to be missed. As the area continues to grow and develop, it’s easy to overlook the historical starting point or even take some time to enjoy all that Summerville has to offer. The next time you spend a day out exploring the town of Summerville, consider one of these top sites:

1. Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

There’s no doubt that tourists flock to the Charleston area for the beaches, the food, and the weather, but locals may forget just how much history South Carolina has to offer. The Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site offers insight into the early history of South Carolina by showcasing well-preserved archaeological remains and historical records. This site was once a thriving town up until the start of the Revolutionary War when it was quickly abandoned. The original structures that stand today help to paint a unique picture of what colonial life was like in the south.  

2. Azalea Park 

The beauty of Azalea Park allows for a moment of peace during any season. With wide-open green space, quaint gazebos, ponds, and flowers, this park is a great place for a walk, picnic, or just relax. Located in the heart of Summerville, it’s easy to take some time for yourself and head over for an afternoon spent admiring nature. 

3. Summerville-Dorchester Museum 

As we previously mentioned, the Charleston area is full of rich history, and the Summerville-Dorchester Museum helps to collect and preserve artifacts relating to the cultural Summerville area. Here you can learn about the founding and expansion of Summerville, and transport yourself through the “Golden Age” of the town when it was known for its tea production and had a reputation of being a “health resort.” The museum also develops educational programs with the help of their resident historian, Dr. West. 

4. Summerville Farmers Market 

Farmer’s Markets offer the community the opportunity to eat fresh and sustainably sourced food. Luckily for us, Charleston area farmers markets are well rounded and complete with local farmers, fishermen, and so much more. At the Summerville Farmers Market, attendees can expect to find just about everything from produce and baked goods to meat and seafood. Stop by on Saturdays to pick up your groceries for the week and enjoy some live music while you’re there!

5. Sweet Tea Trail 

The South is synonymous with sweet tea, but did you know that Summerville is actually the birthplace of this signature beverage? The Sweet Tea Trail is a visitor’s guide to help ensure they see the unique sites that Summerville has to offer. While there’s no doubt that sweet tea will be sipped along the way, visitors should also keep an eye out for the Guinness Book of World Record’s, “World’s Largest Sweet Tea,” as well as a mural dedicated to the classic southern drink.

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