Our active adult featured communities are full of activities to enhance your retirement experience, but did you know that the benefits of these activities extend beyond just providing entertainment? According to the CDC, physical activity is essential to healthy aging, and research has also supported the importance of mentally stimulating activities that benefit cognitive health. In this blog, we’re delving into the importance of activity for seniors and walking through some of the offerings in our active adult communities that can help keep you healthy so you can enjoy this new chapter of your life.

The Importance of Activity for the Body

Physical activities form a foundation for wellness, but this doesn’t mean that working out has to be a chore. Our featured communities provide a variety of amenities that will make you want to get out and go. The amenities range from walking trails and swimming pools to pickleball and tennis courts. Whether you’ve had a lifelong hobby or are interested in trying something new, our 55+ communities promote the importance of activity. All of this newfound time to spend outside and on the move also provides some vital health benefits.

While it is recommended that seniors strive for 300 minutes of moderate exercise (walking) or 150 minutes of vigorous exercise (jogging) per week, the CDC has found that going beyond the necessary weekly activity can have even more significant health benefits. In prior years, you may have found it challenging to find enough time in the day to exercise or even partake in enjoyable activities. In retirement, however, you are afforded the luxury of free time. This is why our communities make it a priority to provide a wide array of activities so that you can enjoy all of your favorite sports and hobbies all in one place while focusing on the importance of activity.

The Importance of Activity for the Mind

Our mental health is comprised of both social and cognitive elements that require individual activities to keep us happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Social interaction becomes especially important as we age because, without it, we’re more at risk for depression and even dementia. However, when social needs are met, studies have seen a correlation between consistent social interaction and significant improvements in emotional, mental, and physical health. It can be challenging at first for those who move into the Charleston area without knowing anyone, but in our communities, building lifelong friendships is easy. These friendships are made possible by an active social calendar, a lively clubhouse, and regular social events. 

The other side of our mental health is the cognitive side, which requires mentally stimulating activity to stay sharp. While a decrease in mental abilities is normal with age, engaging in activities such as reading, puzzles, playing music, dancing, and board games can all help slow any cognitive deterioration. One of the best parts is there are certain activities that can work our brains while also benefitting our emotional and physical health. While it’s finally time for you to relax and enjoy your retirement, you can take solace in the fact that you are promoting a long, healthy life by choosing a community that invests in the importance of activity for the mind. 

We want you to make the most of this new chapter in your life, which is why we’re here to help you find the perfect home in a community that fits your lifestyle. Finding a community that meets your needs when it comes to your physical, emotional, and mental health is possible, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

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