There’s a reason why Charleston is voted the #1 best city in the United States year after year. With a mix of architecture, culture, and history, tourists flock to Charleston for a visit, but many end up wanting to make it their permanent home. There are so many reasons for people of all ages to want to make the move to Charleston, but for those looking to retire, the Lowcountry is ideal. After working hard for your entire life, you deserve to relax and unwind in a city with gorgeous weather, friendly people, and more.


With all of your newfound free time, you want to retire in a place where you can return to old hobbies, or to start new ones! The Charleston area offers an array of activities, from long winding paths perfect for cycling, to tennis courts and golf courses, and multiple beaches to enjoy all sorts of activities. In Charleston, we love to take our time and to enjoy everything our beautiful city has to offer. If you’re more interested in arts and culture, check out one of the many museums that the area has to offer. No matter what you enjoy, you’ll definitely have no trouble filling in your days if you choose to retire in Charleston.


Charleston and its surrounding areas offer sunny and warm weather for the majority of the year. This climate allows you to continue to stay active and healthy regardless of the season. While the summers can get hot and muggy from about July to September, the winters are mild and the fall and spring are beautiful. If you’re tired of shoveling driveways and defrosting windshields, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that snowfall in Charleston is very rare.


If you’re worried about not knowing anyone in the Charleston area, don’t be. Charleston is a bustling community filled with good ole fashioned southern hospitality. No matter which area you choose to settle, the community ties are strong and it’s easy to feel like a local after a short amount of time.


Seafood, year-round fresh produce, or southern barbeque: whatever you like you eat, Charleston has a spot for that. Local Charleston chefs have even been the hot topic of conversation over the last couple of years and have been featured everywhere from magazine articles to Netflix series. Downtown Charleston is even home to an Annual Food & Wine Festival (returning in the spring of 2022) where chefs come to showcase their talents.


What many may not know is that South Carolina is one of the most tax-friendly states for seniors in the country. Those choosing to retire in Charleston can reap the benefits of a zero percent social security tax, low property taxes, and up to a $15,000 deduction from income taxes for those 65 and older. If the Lowcountry lifestyle hasn’t won you over yet, the financial perks of retiring in Charleston may do the trick.

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