Once you have found your perfect new home, it is time to get to know the area. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time outdoors. Summerville is such a beautiful area to explore. The best parks provide space for every type of activity. There is something for everyone! At Martin Freeman Group, we spend so much time around town that we have compiled a great list of recommendations for anyone looking to get outside. You can even plan to check off the best parks as you go to them! 

Parks and Playgrounds Around Town

Azalea Park 

Azalea Park is one the best parks with free admission in a residential location in the heart of Summerville. There is an excellent garden with blooming flowers throughout the seasons, and it is an easy walk to experience it all. The pathways are paved, making it easy for anyone to walk without worrying. There are even tennis courts open for people to come to play at! You can practice your serve or take a leisurely walk in the same spot. You can bring your furry friends and enjoy the experience between the park’s hours of 5:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

The main entrance is near the corner of South Magnolia Street and East 4th Street in Summerville. 

Sawmill Branch Trail

Sawmill Branch Trail is a great trail to consider if you are looking for a great hiking opportunity. This trail is paved and runs for almost seven miles. There are even fitness stations and a playground along the way. While it is not a park in the basic definition, it spans next to the Sawmill Branch Canal, offering different types of views and experiences along the way. There are a few different trailheads to consider when deciding where to start the trip. 

Shepard Park

Open from dawn to dusk, Shepard Park is an excellent option of the best parks for the whole family. It contains many exciting features, such as bronze statues and a reflecting pool. However, the playground also makes it ideal for children to enjoy. There are plenty of walking trails to get in the movement you are looking for in various ways. The gazebos offer shade and places to have picnics while also getting to enjoy the other areas of the park as well.  

Newington Plantation Park

Newington Plantation Park actually offers access to the previously mentioned Sawmill Branch Trail. While the park is accessible to the public, the pool requires payment of membership dues and following the pool rules. The playground and a large shelter are first come, first serve to those who choose to visit the park. You can find more information about the pool membership in the link provided to see if that is something you would like to sign up for! This is one of the best parks for multiple features!  

Gahagan Park

This Town of Summerville facility is a great place to host sporting events and spend time outside. Softball tournaments, recreational softball games, and even football games. The best parks have great opportunities for fun. There is also an excellent playground for children with a large climbing wall and unique additions such as walkways and overlooks. You can spend time with the whole family in a place that has plenty of opportunities for activities. 

There is so much to explore when you decide to live in Summerville. The best parks can keep you and your family occupied while also getting to experience the outdoors. With these five options, you can decide which seems best for your situation or try out all of them. Are you interested in learning more about real estate in the Summerville area? Our agents at the Martin Freeman Group are here to help. Check out our website or give us a call at (843) 619-7292 for more information. 

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