If you’ve been a Summerville resident for a while, you may have spent time in Hutchinson Square. Located in the heart of downtown, Hutchinson Square is an excellent location for community gatherings and events. For those who have not lived in Summerville or are looking to make a move, this is a great place to get to know! You may find yourself frequently visiting in the future. 

At the Martin Freeman Group, we are constantly amazed by Summerville’s shared spaces, such as Hutchinson Square. It makes our job that much easier because people fall in love with more than just the houses, but the area as well! 

The Basics of Hutchinson Square

The History of Hutchinson Square

The square is named after one of Summerville’s founders and first mayor, Edward Hutchinson. From there, it has gone through transitional stages, making it an incredible Summerville feature. 

In 2015, Summerville’s Town Council approved the Hutchinson Square Revitalization Project. This project even resulted in the Engineering Excellence Award in 2016. This annual award recognizes engineering achievement. We are so excited when features of our growing community are given the recognition they deserve!

This project lasted four years, with a hosted ribbon-cutting ceremony in March 2019. The revitalization included a raised pavilion, a new entrance sign, landscaping, sidewalks, a fountain, and updated lighting. 

What To Do 

To start, the raised pavilion in the square provides ample opportunity for performers and events. You can find different experiences year-long that you may be interested in attending. This can include local talent or even larger productions that use the square to draw in a larger audience. While it is not always hosting a performance, you can use it any day of the week as it is open to the public.

If you are in the square spending time outdoors and looking for something to do, plenty of shops and restaurants are on all sides to consider. Whether you are looking to poke around in a shop or find your new favorite meal, there are plenty of places. 

Sometimes, all you need is the feeling of the outdoors to keep you content. There are plenty of spaces to walk around. Bring a blanket and have an outdoor picnic to pass the time! During the holiday season, you can find a giant Christmas tree in the square that is perfect for families to enjoy. 

As if those activities were not enough, many local festivals also occur in Hutchinson Square. This includes Sweet Tea, Flowertown, and a series of 3rd Thursdays to enjoy. The grounds have space for children to run around and enjoy, and you can find something just as fun to do as well! 

While you are on your search for a new home, it can seem daunting to find a great neighborhood. Summerville has answers to your search, and it starts with places like Hutchinson Square. This city is constantly looking for ways to raise the bar! The park is open from dawn to dusk to ensure you make the most of the square. Maybe we will see some of our clients using Hutchinson Square as the perfect place to get outside in the spring.

Work With The Martin Freeman Group

Does a city like Summerville sound like the perfect place for you and your family? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are constantly looking for ways to serve our community with valuable resources, such as scouting out some of the best places in town. If you are interested in learning more about our available properties, check out our website or give us a call today at (843) 619-7292. 

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